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I need to hurry and get this post written a few minute early - the intrepid travellers should be home very very shortly!!!! Yay!!!!! I've missed them!!!!!!!


So Anne McCaffrey's notable in a lot of respects, and a number of her books include music somewhere in them. But two series in particular have music as a central theme, without which the book would be a very different concept.

The Crystal Singer is the first of 3 in a series about a woman by the name of Killashandra, about a group called the Heptite Guild, and about crystal singing in general. Quite literally, the ability to sing is required in order mine crystal, and Killashandra is one of the best.

Again, this was a book I read a very very long time ago, and became a well loved favorite very quickly. I should reread all three of them....

But the books that I feel as a musician, and as a parent, that really set Anne McCaffrey apart is her Pern books. In her Pern books, the concept of music as community building, music in education - heck music as a vehicle for education, music as a unifying force - are all epitomized. The Harper Hall is omnipresent throughout the Pern Books...but there are two where it's really pertinent: The MasterHarper of Pern and Dragons Eye. Though both of these would benefit the most from having been read after reading the founding three books of the series: Dragonsflight, Dragonsquest, and The White Dragon; and the companion YA series: The Harper Hall Series: Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, and Dragon Drums

ooooh...and I think I hear everyone!!!!! (only 2 more posts after this!)

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