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Dragons for DVS

Live from Dakota Valley

Dragons for DVS - Blogathon 2007
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Blogathon 2007 journal in support of Dakota Valley Symphony
This is the blogathon "blog" for fiddle_dragon and songwind to jointly collaborate on in their effort to support Dakota Valley Symphony in the 2007 Blogathon.


Please sponsor us here!!


Dakota Valley Symphony is a community symphony orchestra and chorus in the Southern Twin Cities Metro Area in Minnesota. As a musician, it's a great group to perform with, and as an audience member it's neat knowing that these are musicians from the community.

As with any arts organization there's always a need for funds, and this is why fiddle_dragon and songwind are blogging to support DVS. Won't you help them help support this community organization?


If you are a sponsor and would like to know what to do next, you have two choices!

1) Head to the Sponsorship page
2) Continue on into the blog and read and comment along with us and help keep us awake, but don't forget to submit your donation.

Content will be starting before the Blogathon starts, too! So please come on in!

When the Blogation is over, you'll get an email on what to do next. Please do not send us (fiddle_dragon and songwind) money directly.


Please note that this is NOT an official blog of Dakota Valley Symphony - all content is our own and not that of the symphony.

That being said, please come on in, enjoy, read along, participate - HELP KEEP US AWAKE!!!! :)

The Blogathon starts July 28, 2007 at 6:00am Pacific time (8:00 am locally for those of us in Minnesota ;) ). Sponsor us! Support a small community organization! Feel good about yourself!